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Celeste is an original platforming game with some unique mechanics and aesthetics from the developer of TowerFall. Our protagonist is a young lady called Madeline who really wants to climb on top of the Celeste Mountain. That goal is not easily achievable: she will have to overcome more than 600 screens full of platforming challenges, devious traps and hidden secrets.

The whole game takes place in one location split into many levels which are designed so carefully that it never gets boring. Another thing to notice is that the game is pretty hardcore in terms of difficulty: only the players skilled in platforming or are at least willing to get good will be able to reach the end. Avoiding spikes and making impossible jumps can get frustrating at times, but even one step further after several attempts can be extremely satisfying.

On her way Madeline will meet some NPCs that will provide some insight into the story or the world of the game and maybe help her achieve her quest. Every character has a unique personality and role in this strange land.

Celeste features excellent visuals, fluent controls and a great soundtrack that adds to the atmosphere. Do yourself a favor and give this game a shot – even if you aren’t usually into platforming games, this one might pleasantly surprise you.