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Prepare to meet the sequel of bomberman game! IO game “” – is a good strategy with new features and characters. Now you have the ability to choose between 3 heroes, each has unique skills.

It can be a footballer, it’s a smart kid, who moves faster than others, but it can place fewer quantity of bombs. By the way, he’s more invincible than others. The second character is radio amateur. He use special radio-controlled mines. They explode after some time. It’s the most powerful weapon. The last character is athlete. This guy can jump over the obstacles, to save time for destroying them. The bombs he use are very powerful and capable to kill your enemy at any distance. game allows you to get the skills like walking through walls, killing by touch and cause more damage. Be extremely careful! All people know the sapper can make only one mistake. Fight on the arena with players from all over the world.


WASD – Moving character;

LMB – Place the bomb.