Batman the enemy within

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It all happens a year later after the final of the first part. Having discovered a terrible secret about his parents, Bruce Wayne slowly restores his reputation and tries to help his hometown. But during shadowing the largest weapon dealer in Gotham the hero faces a new dangerous opponent: The Riddler. The villain has kept familiar lines: a cane, prevalence of green color in clothes and mad love to riddles and puzzles. Creators only replaced a hat with a hood, and made the character a real sadist that was reflected in his smart traps. We will see also the Joker. Bruce Wayne owes him a service, and now everything is about a green clown again. In this game we continue to observe how his night adventures affect the businessman. For the first time Bruce faces tragic consequences of the way of life which gradually, but inevitably plunge Gotham into chaos. And the advanced suit will help us to get rid of new troubles. In this game fans should face the whole group of familiar villains and to become witnesses of formation of the main Batman's enemy.


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