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What’s the next IO game called “Bacman.IO”? Just look closer – it’s our familiar and favourite character from 1980’s. Legendary Pac-Man is returning with new name and in renewed form from the world of consoles. Now this creature resides in boundless space, and eating its own kind. In addition, it eats luminous dots, increasing in size. Finally, Bacman becames more dangerous to beginner players. Pretty funny creature is widely opening his mouth and eating everyone and everything. If you won’t care of your bacman, and skillfully run away of bigger ones, your mission will be over.

The Bacman.IO – is a nice multiplayer game for fans of retrogames. Discover what heroes your parents and old friends met at their time. Try to survive with them in modern IO world. Adults will be pleased to remember the childhood and fight in team with round-shape character. The game is interesting and addictive. It’s nothing there’re no special things, but this handsome is better than other bacteria and slugs. Begin the game and try to win! Climb to the top of leaderboard.


Mouse Aim – direction of moving;

LMB – increasing speed/losing mass.