Ash of Gods

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Ash of Gods is an ambitious role playing strategy project developed by an indie studio located in Moscow, Russia. Inspired by the recent success of AAA-quality titles created by smaller companies, as well as some classic turn-based RPGs and strategies, the team decided to come up with their own story and world for an isometric fantasy with tactical gameplay.

Being able to make some daring decisions without any committee-design type of pressure that bigger studios studios tend to suffer from, AurumDust promises some real consequences for the player's actions that may affect the world and change even the grand scheme of things. You will need to be really careful with what you say, because a sassy remark by one of the characters may get him or her killed. Having said that, the game does not end because of that - as long as your party is alive and capable of fighting, you're good.

The combat system utilizes a combination of turn-based strategic elements, RPG classes and a card system. The AI should be able to learn the players preferred moves and work around them to make the gameplay more dynamic and less predictable.

The game will feature a deep story and world specifically written for the project by a fantasy author, as well as a great soundtrack created by the composer behind The Witcher 3. Are you excited to play Ash of Gods online when it's released? We sure are!

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