SEGA Forever

SEGA Forever

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Millions of SEGA fans! Enjoy! SEGA Forever service was just launched and you can play your favourite titles on mobile. iOS and Android devices are supported. Service started with only five games, let's check them out:
1) Sonic the Hedhehog - hey I was playing it for hours when I was ten.
2) Phantasy Star II - role playing game, quite a nostalgie
3) Comix Zone - beat them up and keep them down
4) Kid Chameleon - platformer with crazy jumps
5) Altered Beast - a pack-in game.

Nice start, huh? It really is and they promise to add new games to SEGA Forever every two weeks. Hope you'll have enough time to complete them again :)

May be they'll add also some Dreamcast games, even Saturn ones. Let's wait and see with our own eyes. Saturn games are quite difficult to port, so I've heard.

As you may know, some SEGA games are already available as separate applications you can download from App Store or Google Play. Sega says they'll update them with cool features like e-saves and leaderboards. Just make them performance optimized, it's shame you get game lagging on 2GHz mobile CPU, original SEGA CPU has 7.6 MHz frequency, 100 times less and no lags. That's because emulators are hard. Programming stuff is always so complex :(

My friends said service will serve some games with emulator (SG-1000, Master System, MegaDrive) and some will be direct ports (Saturn and Dreamcast games).