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Tankar.io – is a new multiplayer game, similar to Diep.io. The game goal is dominating other players and upgrading your tank. There’s two modes – Team Deathmatch and FFA. Every player controls the tank and plays on one server and one map with other players. Teams is divided by colors – red, blue and green. Players in each team are allies.

They can’t attack each other, but they can feed, giving some mass to each other. Control your tank and drive across the arena to find mass power-ups to become bigger. Look for enemy positions on minimap to discover where are small and big opponents. Shoot enemy tanks, destroy them and take the mass. Become stronger, have fun and become the best in leaderboard. You have a great chance to get new experience with Tankar.io and become a tank. But you will be not alone on game arena.

Enemies won’t kill you if you be careful. But there is some circumstances, like negligence and ignoring safety rules. Do you see the dots around you? When they light up, you need to get out from there, because explosion is coming! It’s a good game and easy with controls. Do you know the secret of survival? Destroying everyone! Sounds cruel, but in Tankar.io you need somehow get the points, to get them you need to destroy the weakest tanks to become stronger. Try to play and maybe, you can become the biggest one. Don’t worry if you’re not successful, try again!


WS – accelerate/go back;

AD – turn left/right;

LMB/ Space – shoot;

R – smoke&run

G – gift mass;

K – suicide;

Enter – chat.

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