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It’s about time to be surprised! No doubt, new game will give you a new experience. Do you remember, what sumo is? It’s a kind of martial arts, where fat men go on arena and try to push each other out of the field. There you will see something similar. You will play as a ball of definite color with unique nickname. Fighting arena have bizarre form, that’s why it’s a challenge to stay there. Your character must bump the opponent out the bounds. Every hit gives you additional points.

To get a victory, you can use different tactics and tricks. Pressing Space makes your ball heavier, but you lose your ability to move. The game will pleasantly surprise the fans of IO games’ collection by originality. The game is so different from others. Now the Japanese martial arts are available to all players! Learn precision and calculation skills, which help you to the success of your fighter.


WASD, Arrow Keys – moving character;

Space – become heavier / losing control;

Number keys – upgrading stats.

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