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Here is another multiplayer game from IO collection. SplashWars.io - Prepare to seize the game arena with your color! In that game you will control a little triangle able to paint the territories with random color. Your goal is to paint as much as you can and to protect colored regions from your enemies! The current percent of painted territories you can see at top right corner.

You can do all the job by yourself, but it’s too boring. On the arena, you can see many hexagons, painting the territory. To capture, just shoot them and you will get a little assistant in your battle. But remember, other players can do the same, that’s why you should protect hexagons to be the leader.

SplashWars is a colorful game, where you can paint the game territories with your favorite color. Fight against other players and be the strongest! Good luck!


Left Arrow/Right Arrow – steering

Space – Shooting

Up Arrow – move faster

Down Arrow – move slower

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