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New multiplayer game «» will please fans of io. games. Now you are going to fight with not only your rivals but with various monsters. This approach will greatly complicate the situation. After all, if you concentrate on other players, you inevitably miss the danger which comes from various monsters.

At the begging you will be attacked by monsters in the form of reddish spines. They appear instantly like they smell their prey. You must move fast enough, to avoid being destroyed. At this time your ward must collect gems, scattered on the surface. Collected points add to you experience, and give the chance to go to the next level.

Game «» let you to improve nine available attributes. These are defense attributes such as: maximum health, armor, regeneration. Offensive attributes: damage of the attack, speed of attacks, armor piercing and special attributes: acceleration, health stealing, fighting. The blue bar represents energy and the red one – your vitality. You lose your energy potential, when you continuously attacking and you can recover it in time of short break. Playing with more powerful monsters you can if you will be better of your competitors and if you will move forward. Fight on, until you get the top of the table. Show them all who is the boss here!

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