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Excellent multiplayer – that’s about new game “ShootingHeads”. Here you have the opportunity to choose an arena with 6x6, 8x8 or 12x12 players. But the most important – there you can select your hero. You will see sufficiently detailed.characters – heavily armed boys and girls. Their protective camouflage suggest that they are a members of special unit, formed for part in the hostilities in hot spots of the planet. These guys are very prepared and can confront the terrorists. When you think of your nickname and chose who you want to play, just go to the battle. ShootingHeads game will send you to place, where you see several levels. You can jump up and down and run around the platforms. Don’t forget to earn points and bonuses, while killing your enemies. You can spend earned money to purchase a more powerful and modern weapons. Win in this battle. Become the best.


WASD – Moving character;

LMB – shooting;

Q – switching weapon

Space/W - Jump.

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