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The new IO game called – is an exciting journey into the ocean. Today you will control a huge and hungry shark, eating small fish without any regret. That allow shark to grow and increase in size. The bigger your predator, the more successful hunt becomes. Among the victims you can see not only the different little fish, but your colleagues too.

Wonderful blue background with depths, bright reefs, plankton and beautiful plants creates a amazing atmosphere of a real dive. Your shark move very smoothly and realistically. To catch the fish is not easy, they perceive a threat ang going away when you’re close.

Playing in company of games from many countries is so exciting! You will see your rating in the table. Also you can see the chat, it helps you to speak with other people. The game recalls watching TV program about nature and inhabitants of underwater world. And your shark is involved in this action. is not violent, but very interesting, It’s graphics so attractive, and that’s very important for games to get the popularity. Try it and test your power. Feed your monster and show to all of them, who’s the boss in the ocean!


LMB click/hold – swim in direction

1-5 – get a skill when you’ll be levelled up