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You may think, that it’s another one IO game. Well, is really belongs to that collection of games ,but it stand our from this bunch of clone games. First, it’s more strategic and logical game than other “outstanding” examples. Second, game arena you will play on – reminds of chess board or notebook sheet – it divided into 64 cells. But there’ you can see something the same from, but with other missions.

So, where to start? In general, this game contains two important stages. On first one, players put stones, paper, scissors, bombs, etc. on the arena. Your enemy doesn’t see anything, only you see the bombs. On second stage players show their items except dangerous one, like explosives. Then in the most interesting part begins. You need to move towards enemy’s items to take them. But you don’t see the dangerous areas and you can see an explosion – and your efforts will be for nothing. Luck here is more important than any tactics – everyone can lose.

This intellectual game demands all of your attention – if you close your eyes in wrong moment – the game will end, where you won’t be the winner. Of course, no one want to give points to the opponent. But game may ends with draw. If you still didn’t understand, how to play, before playing you can see a picture with rock, paper and scissors. So, it’s a virtual analog of familiar game.


LMB – putting items.

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