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Multiplayer game. The background is created by developers but all the rest depends on the users who compete with each other. This particular feature makes the game stand apart from millions of others. At your disposal is the Queen, more alike a blur with a crown. The target is to develop a powerful army which not only protects the Queen but also enslaves the clans encroaching on her liberty. Dominate, rule, humiliate. Without the army the Queen is totally defenseless and useless. There is a chat window where you can collaborate with other players or intimidate them with your massivity.

As an option is a color selection of your Queen and also a color variant of her tail.
If you act faster than your opponent you will not only get rid of him but also earn the points to your rating. Warning, aside the small poobahs, who didn't yet get their hand in, there are personages, of higher level who suddenly appear and burn everything on their way to ashes.

Controls oib.io:
Select your units (those with white border) with left button of your mouse! Then select the new position with the right button.

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