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Meet everybody’s favourite “Minesweeper” as a IO multiplayer mode. The game “Minesweeper.io” – is an adventure through minefield, where danger avaits you from everywhere. You will play on the large lined arena among many opponents. As in the original game, here you still need to open squares, with risk of explosion. If you clicked on a mine, you will have to begin the game again. If square will be empty, you can continue your risky movement. Minesweeper.io definitely accurate conveys the expression meaning “sapper makes only one mistake”.

If you want to experience your fate – don’t delay, begin the dangerous game! You shouldn’t leave things to fate, the right choice is to think and analyze the situation. Every opened square has a number. What does it mean? It shows, how many mines lies near this square – in 8 other squares around this number.

Looking at them, you can calculate, where is most dangerous place. But everyone makes mistakes, and you get new experience. Wish you to master this game and become the best in leaderboard. You should think fast, opponents won’t just wait for your turn!


LMB – reveal squares.

RMB – place flag.

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