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Dive into the ocean depths, playing for the jellyfish, fight for the domination with other players – it’s all about new IO game – Moving around the world, try to collect bonuses, which are scattered around the map. Also don’t forget to attack other inhabitants. If your attack is successful and your rival lost all points. To get points you also should collect the power-ups dropped out of the enemy. By the way, upper part of the jellyfish is safe, but beware of enemy’s tentacles, because the can kill you. Don’t swim away too far, if you touch the edges of the gameworld, your game will be over!

New wonderful game “” will turn you into an underwater creature. This game use the same principle as many other IO games, so you can learn fast, how to play. At first, you need to east – very important need of every creature in virtual universe. For example, you’re turning into a jelly fish. If you eat very much food, you can become a real monster. Try to consider, that your massive size is not the guarantee of your invulnerability. More than that, it’s your weakness. It slows you and other jellyfishes don’t seem harmful. If you hit them, you will die, and become a bunch of translucent balls. They will be the food for other ocean creatures. But if near the grave you see many opponents at one time, don’t swim too close – because the chance to die is very high. Don’t forget to use your creativity to kill enemies.

In they must hit your tail. Protect your head! Principles of interaction between big and small objects are different, try to know about it before hitting. It’s very exciting game, one session is not enough. Get ready to spend a whole evening.

Controls: Mouse aim helps your character to choose direction and swim. Space and LMB will allow you to swim faster.

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