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Exciting io game «Loomen.io» - this is a ray of light in the dark underwater kingdom. A small fish with miniature flashlight on his forehead moves in small circle of light towards the dangers and adventures. It seems, we have already met these fish-lights, but today the task is more complicated. After all a tiny bright spot cannot create all picture of surrounding world. And approaching hostile fish can be seen too late.

Nutrition for your ward, as before, will be alga and plankton in the form of multi-colored dots. And, of course your health can be improved by your enemies, if they will be destroyed.

The game «Loomen.io» is a multiplayer game that let you to compete with other gamers from all over the world. If you want to test your skills and find your way in total darkness, full of surprises and deadly threat, than immediately start this game. Excellent experience is guaranteed. Have a great time for yourself and call your friends. Good luck and good mood.