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Meet the new multiplayer io online game While planet Earth peacefully live its life, in the depth of space dozens of aliens war with each other for the right to become the strongest and fastest. If you like Star Wars, if you want a space powers – gather the wreckage of destroyed planets in space to build your own solar system and protect it from the enemy.

Attack others and receive bonuses for development of your own base! You play as an alien and you control the space ship. Create electric planets to not get tired quickly during the flight, do not lose your bonuses and increase the range of your radar; The more Earth planet you will have – the more health you will get; To increase the power of attack you will need fire planets, and to increase the size of deflector shields of your spacecraft you can with help of blue planets; Pink planets will increase your speed of moving in space. Use black holes to slip through the space, collect trophies scattered in space and use to hide from enemy radars, hyper jumps on your own base and health restore during the flight. Remember, that the bigger your solar system will be – then more powerful you will be and then you will have more chances to win!

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