Played 1,478 times has a nice graphics and a pleasant music. It is very important, because you will spend a lot of time playing this game. The game is based on the situation that is quite familiar for all io fans. You are a pilot of the spaceship, the aim is to survive and, at the same time, to defeat other gamers. You will spend a lot of time playing this game because the search of resources is a very long process. The resource is gold. Due to the gold, you will receive a chance to improve your spaceship greatly.

At the very beginning, your spaceship has only basic functions. But, if you are pumping up profoundly, you will receive a really powerful spaceship. You will be able to improve the power of the engine, the distance of the shot, the destructive power of the shot, the speed of flying cartridges, maximal level of health, the speed of recovery.


To control the ship, press WASD. To shoot, click the left button of the mouse.

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