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In you play as a large asteroid. For unknown reasons, its purpose – is to attack other asteroids to absorb them. Use red power-ups in right moment to kill other asteroids, it will help you to rise in game leaderboard. But don’t forget, you’re not alone with that goal, other players are also trying to kill you and get the most number of points. To avoid the enemy attack, just use a safety boost, it will save your life. If you want something unusual to play with friends, and show them who’s the best – is good idea to test your abilities.

This is a multiplayer game, and no one of your company will feel left out. Also you can spectate the game and see how your friends destroys other opponents. Popularity of this game is constantly increasing. If you wait too long, you won’t be able to compete with masters of online battles. If you play right now, you will have a chance to see your name in leaderboard. But even today, in this moment, it’s very hard to get a first place – thousands of contenders will try to destroy your dream! But don’t worry. In game you have hundreds of attempts to get a victory.

The game is free, and it’s wonderful, because it’s so addictive. If you needed to pay for every attempt, you would just spend all your money! Did your game suit you? If not, you can always try again and complete all quests and compete with other players on game arena.


W – move forward;

Mouse Aim – choose move direction,

Q – shoot;

E – boost.

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