"" is essentially a clone of "" but you can't deny its originality. First of all, mechanic has undergone some changes as distinct from its big brother, now to kill your opponent it's not enough just to cut him off or encircle him. You will have to accelerate leaving behind yourself a tail, which alters in size depending on your level, and with this tail you will hit your opponent that and in no time will kill him. Secondly, there are a lot of various modes which considerably diversified the gameplay and reshaped the cliché format of "" There have been added some original modes such as: race, 1V1, rush, zomb. Just because of them you want to log in the game again and again. It has also become a nice difference that you can choose the arena background.


Operation is fully held by the mouse, in order to choose the direction you need to control the pathway of your character by navigating the mouse, and in order to accelerate and catch you opponent off-balance use left mouse button.