Glor.io is a Mine Craft in the io world. You are the knight. The aim is to survive in the cruel world. Wolves and other gamers are everywhere, and they are trying to kill you. To protect yourself, you can use the army of clones. You can create clones by means of picking the food. You can also protect yourself by building a wooden or a stone house. But if you want to build a house in this hostile world, you have to work very hard. You must gather wood or stone, then make wooden or stone blocks, and after that you will have a chance to build a house.

To simplify the process of gathering the resources, you may create the workers. The workers are created from the food you have picked. To find the food, you must kill animals, both predators and herbivorous. Create your own army of soldiers, give them a task, and they will rush down to attack all your enemies. When you become the best gamer on the server, you will understand that the game is worth long hours of playing.


To move the character, press WASD. The mouse is responsible for other actions.

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This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
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